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The Vegan Market Holiday Gift Guide is a hosted webpage on our website where we will advertise your vegan products until the end of December 2023.

• YOU don't have to be vegan to feature your products in the gift guide,

but your products have to be vegan.

• Your products or food cannot be made with animal meat, dairy, honey, beeswax, silk, pearls, or leather. Nothing made from or by an animal.

• This gift guide is intended for product and food makers only. No resellers or MLM companies.

Each feature will include:

• Each participant will be included in a specific category on the Holiday Gift Guide page.

• 1-2 photos of your products and/or you. 

• A short bio. 40-60 words.

• A link to your website.

• A link to your social media.

• Discount code, if you choose.

Fee to participate:


How we plan to promote:

• Newsletter, Instagram posts, Facebook posts and ads.

• Our audience consists of over 6,000 people combined on all platforms.

Gift Guide Feature Application
Is your business vegan?

Please upload one or more photos of the vegan products you make. 1-2 photos will be used on the feature.

Upload Photos
Upload Photos
Check all categories that apply to your products

Thanks for submitting!



All products and food at The Vegan Market are

100% VEGAN!



No animals were harmed in the making of the goods you'll find at

the market


We are super excited and passionate about supporting local businesses



All the products you'll find at the market are made by small teams and by hand

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